Learn How to Podcast

In this eBook you will learn the art of podcasting from a subject matter expert of the industry.

What is in the book: BUY NOW

  • Understanding the Podcasting Technology
  • The Reason Behind the Podcasting Hype
  • Why is Podcasting Beneficial to the Subscribers
  • How Can Podcasting Be Used
  • The Various Ways Podcasting Can Be Used:
  • Is Your Business Ready for Podcasting?
  • Podcasting for Online Business
  • How to Record a Podcast
  • Making a Video Podcast
  • Podcasting Tools
  • Must Have Podcasting Tools
  • Audio Editor
  • Flash Audio Player
  • Stats Package
  • RSS Reader
  • Publishing Your Podcasts
  • The Many Formats of Podcasts
  • Different Ways of Using Podcasting Transcripts
  • Promoting Your Podcasts
  • Mistakes to Avoid While Podcasting
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Podcasting
  • The Do’s
  • The Don’ts


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